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About Me

Name: Cecilia Rookwood
Alias: Zari
Age: 16
Birth date: 8 April
European Zodiac: Aries

Chinese Zodiac
External: Horse
Internal: Dragon
Secretive: Ox


Color: black, purple, silver, blue
Animal: Dragon, felines, canines, reptiles, sharks, raven
Music: Rock, classical, Japrock, jazz, light techno, soft/sad music
Food: Steak, potato skins, fries, carrots and ranch dip, ham and cheese sandwich, cheeseburgers, pizza, broccoli
Drink: Dr. Pepper, water, orange juice
Candy: M-Azing, chocolate in general, Chewy Sweet-Tart Minis
Book Series: Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter
Movie: The Incredibles, Phantom of the Opera
Video Game Series: Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Morrowind, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Nintendogs, Sonic, Trace Memory
Game Style: RPG, Platformer, Racing, Action/Adventure
Magazine: Shonen Jump, Nintendo Power, Time
Instrument: Ocarina, piano, guitar, drums, bongos

Bios and House Member List


If you've never read manga...well, it's understandable. Manga is the Japanese equivalent of an American comic book...except that manga tend to have much deeper storylines and are usually about 200+ pages thick. Manga can read either right to left or left to right; traditionally, though, it's read and printed right to left. If you're interested in reading manga, you could check out some of the series below.

Numbers listed are the volumes I own/have read.

Bleach: Vol. 1-26
Death Note: Vol. 1-12
DNAngel: Vol. 1-11
Fruits Basket: Vol. 1-23
Fullmetal Alchemist: Vol. 1-9
Full Moon wo Sagashite: Vol. 1-7
Hikaru no Go: Vol. 1-23
Juvenile Orion: Vol. 1-5
Kingdom Hearts: Vol. 1-4
Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories: Vol. 1-2
Megatokyo: Vol. 1-4
Naruto: Vol. 1-13
One Piece: Vol. 1-14
Rurouni Kenshin: Vol. 1-5
Shaman King: Vol. 1-11
Vampire Game: Vol. 1-12

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