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Quick Note

Room numbers are listed with the floor level first (1 is the first floor, 2 is second, B1 is Basement 1, G is ground, etc.) There are no rooms on G and all of the B-level rooms are guest rooms, used only during the huge Chinese New Year celebration.

Top 10 Members

Cecil: The #1 member of the house and the founder, Cecil created the house in the summer of 2005 and established the original crowd back in the winter of 2004. She spends most of the time wandering around the house, organizing game tournaments in the Game Room, setting up battles in the Sea and Space Domes (huge battlefields on the grounds and the fourth floor, respectively), etc. She also adds new books to the library every so often and just chats with the other house members, primarily new members and Hatori. There is an aura of mystery about her, as her room is the only one that actually has a lock with a defense mechanism. Also, she has her own private to-from portal that sends her from one universe to the next. Most of the house members respect her and her hard work in keeping the house together. Also, some are lucky enough to be close by when she starts playing the piano, which is her favorite hobby. She is the only house member that can play (other than Tamaki.) In addition, she generally declares herself insane and, in a few rare instances, breaks down; during these times, Hatori is the one that comforts her and helps her work through her troubles logically and calmly. She maintains that the goal is to forget about the mansion and everyone inside...
Room 2A

Hatori: Considered to be #2 in the house, Hatori works as the mediator, the house's manager, and "the tactful dark-haired guy that's always reading something on the couch." That's not a bad description: Hatori does spend a lot of time reading; the key exception is breakfast in the morning (which he has with Cecil) and when he's inducting new members into the house (which isn't often.) Many of the others look up to him and respect his authority, as he is the only other house member that can freely move from world to world as well as kick out members. In addition, he performs weekly checks around the house to ensure that everything is in working order and such, which is a huge job that usually takes the better part of a day. Also, Hatori is the house's only doctor, but he spends most of his time looking after Cecil, seeing as how she's the only one that ever really gets sick. He also acts as her conscience in a sense and helps her work out her problems. He understands that Cecil wants to let go of this parallel world (to be normal) and as such wants to break emotional ties with her...
Room 2C

Kuro: Once considered the most popular character in the house, Kuro has, over time, moved to spot #3 to complete what some call the Sannin in the house. Still bitter over Cecil's supposed "breakup" of their relationship, Kuro has in fact tried to put it behind him. The only big issue was about six months ago, when Kuro declared his removal from the house and decided to kill Cecil. Thankfully, he was stopped before any damage was done and Hatori was able to put him back in order. When Hatori is absent, Kuro usually picks up the large workload around the house, if nothing else. Also, he's recently picked up the habit of badgering Hatori into proposing to Cecilia, if only to give himself peace of mind. He's also started to pick up the game of Go, but due to his hot temper, the board that he uses is made of a very sturdy alloy; when he loses, Kuro tends to chop the board in half.
Room 2H

Cloud: Cloud is significant, as is Sephiroth, because the two volunteered to be bodyguards during Kuro's rampage. Cloud spends a lot of his time wandering about the grounds and occasionally sparring with the other swordsmen that inhabit the house. He and Sephiroth like to put on shows for some of the house members. Cloud is very softspoken, though; he mostly talks to Sephiroth. He and Sephiroth used to live on the first floor, but relocated during the Kuro incident. Cloud also gets along well with Hatori and, being one of the few that really do, he's usually in the way of some of the best house privileges. It's also well known that he's slowly ditched the Advent Children wear that he normally has and prefers instead to wear a black, sleeveless turtleneck and cargo pants. He hasn't convinced Sephiroth to adopt this new attire, however. Also, he and Malik have started to hang out more and joke about Hatori and Cecil getting married. They, as well as Kuro, are anxious to see what develops.
Room 2B

Sephiroth: Sephiroth is definately one of the more unique characters in the house; for one, he refuses to wear anything other than his original outfit. He and Cloud were, and still are, Cecil's bodyguards and are very protective of her interests and the house. Sephiroth doesn't talk a lot, but he does enjoy talking to Cloud. Ever since the Kuro incident, Sephiroth and Cloud have gotten along very well and enjoy battling in the Sea Dome. Their win-loss-tie record is posted in the Space Dome on the fourth floor, which shows that they're fairly even in win-loss ratio. Recently, Sephiroth has started to make a habit of tying his hair back, especially when he's frustrated or anxious. Even stranger still, he's started to develop somewhat of a caring heart and is genuinely concerned about some of the other house members.
Room 2T

Malik: Known as Cecil's first target for fangirlism and later friendship, Malik wasn't the first to move in, but he was her first correspondent. Malik isn't usually seen around the house, as he prefers to spend his days in his room; if he's not there, he's usually on the bench that faces the ocean. Malik and Cecil talk only so often, but their friendship is one of the strongest and longest-lasting in the house. Malik also likes to hang out with Bakura and Shadow in the Music Room. Malik remains one of the most well-known characters in the house, despite his rarely being seen. He and Hatori are also very close, and some even say that Malik, Hatori, and Kuro are slowly creating their own little group. One agonizing similarity is that Malik and Kuro enjoy joking around with Hatori, much like Ayame and Shigure. Nevertheless, Malik does respect Hatori and also has a deep respect for the house itself; the reasons for this are still unknown.
Room 1J

Vaati: When Malik vanished from the limelight, it became a battle between Kuro and Vaati for Cecil's affection; Kuro won, and Vaati was cast aside for a while. Vaati made his presence known in the summer of 2005, however, and usually followed Cecil around during her summer gym classes. Prior to the construction of the mansion, Vaati (along with the original six or so) lived in a basement under the kitchen in Cecil's actual house. Vaati has long since forgotten about time before the mansion and remains one of the few, if not only, member that can make Cecil laugh. (He also gets brownie points for always wearing purple, but not always his original outfit.) Of course, Vaati has a mischievious side, and rallied against Cecil and Hatori with an outsider, Cecil's friend Lindsey, to convince Hatori to propose to Cecil. (Honestly, why do they want him to propose? That'd make Cecil a fangirl.)
Room 1F

Shadow: Shadow, unbeknownst to many house members, was the second house guest to fall under Cecil's radar and also was part of Cecil's first website concept, Obsidian (for Malik and Hyper Shadow's obsidian hair/fur color.) Shadow is one of the most competitive house members and loves hanging out in the Game Room with Ivo and Mark, whom he challenges to all sorts of game tournaments. Shadow is the only house member that really stands any sort of chance against Cecil and has beaten her on a few occasions at SSBM. He also never lived with Cecil until the basement was constructed.
Room 1B

Sanji: Sanji, along with Zoro and Kuro, was the first character to actually have any place to stay: the three One Piece characters started out by living in a room above Cecil's bedroom. Sanji is the house's only chef and, as a result, does a lot of the cooking for Cecil. In general, he only cooks for himself, Cecil, and Hatori, but he brings all of the Baratie chefs to the house during the Chinese New Year celebration. He and Hatori are on fairly good terms, mostly because Sanji doesn't hit on Cecil all of the time. (That isn't to say he hasn't tried...)
Room 1L

Mark: Mark is the only "original character" in the house and survives as the house's unofficial computer expert. Mark, like Kuro, was extremely bitter over their "breakup" when Cecil destroyed her alter ego, but Mark has probably forgotten or is just glad that the cats aren't around to bother him anymore. Very few house members have ever seen Mark, as he typically sleeps during the day and comes out at night to play in the Game Room; as a result, he and Shadow are very close and are also fierce rivals. Mark inspired the kitchen-basement area after Cecil had begun to think about relocating Kuro, Zoro, and Sanji.
Room 1C

The Other Members

Floor One
Kenshin Himura : Ivo Robotnik
Roronoa Zoro : Souma Kyou
Uchiha Itachi : Grim Reaper
Sagara Sanosuke : Dib Membrane
Kurama : Souma Yuki

Floor Two
Kaiba Seto : Tsume
Axel : Ryou Bakura
Nakaura Tomonori : Hatake Kakashi
Riku : Sesshomaru
Roy Mustang : Fox McCloud
Suou Tamaki

Floor Three
Niwa Daisuke : Hikari Satoshi
Gaara : Toboe
Uchiha Sasuke : Tao Ren
Hiei : Kiba
Falco Lombardi : Dark Mousy
Zidane Tribal : Horohoro
Chaos : Skurai
Kusakabe Kaname : Ootori Kyouya

Rayquaza : Roof

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