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My Art

Here is where I'm posting the art updates. Anything new...I'm looking for a tag to mark it. Art is sorted by type: pencil drawings and digital works.

!! NOTE!! Everything opens in a new window!

Traditional Art

Shaded drawing of Kyou and Yuki. Color version included. What would've happened...if Kuro had attacked Hatori those months ago... Overhead shot of Akari sleeping. Drawing of Rukario with name written in katakana. A present for An-chan. A drawing of Kyouya Ootori from Ouran Koukou Host Club.

Digital Art

Color piece of Gaara from Naruto. Autumn: Hatori falls asleep in the library. Autumn: A pic of Hatori in Kohaku's room...on a dare. Hatori decided against the dare and took his shirt off because the room was warm. Just an image of my new haircut...while standing in the snow. Hatori and me, standing in the rain. A digital color of Malik Ishtar from Yuugiou. This is one of the few times that I didn't use lineart; instead, I lassoed the areas and just painted over it. A bloody image of a dying woman reaching for... A colored sketch of Count Bleck from Super Paper Mario. I love the Count. He pwns you with his third-person narrative. Bleck versus Vaati would sell out in a heartbeat. Obviously Vaati isn't too happy about Bleck's current...membership...so he's speaking in Wingdings.

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