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Konnichiwa, and welcome to Kaitou Art, a small art and writing site maintained by Cecil. As her website grows, so will her talent (hopefully.)

About the Layout

This is Kaitou Art V.3, featuring...a seahorse? Okay, it's as close as I could get to Hatori. The title comes from Angela Aki's "Kiss Me Goodbye," as do the lyrics in the top-left corner. The English lyrics, to me, really fit Hatori and how he lost his love, the one person who helped him escape the darkness of the Sohma family. So sad...


=: 6 June

Wow, five days and I already have a new piece for you all! That's right, there's another digital piece waiting for you! I'm going to let it sit on the site til tomorrow morning and then send it over to DA. I'm so freaking proud of this new piece. I wasn't in the beginning or while I was coloring it, since the lineart was starting to look like crap, but...

I fixed it and ended up with a cool final result.

I must confess that I don't remember where I obtained the Wingdings brushes, so if they're yours, please PLEASE email me and tell me so I can give due credit to you.

I'll also try to hunt down the place where I found the brushes...see if I can't find it. *sigh*

=: 1 June

o.o;; Wow, June already.

Okay, the long lack of updates is due to a lot of things...one being an overbearing job that I hate with a passion, but can't really describe why. O.o; Confusing, yes, but meh. Also, school and newspaper were getting in the way of drawing time.

This is truthfully the first real piece I've done since April.

But don't take my word for it. The new digital piece is waiting for your viewing pleasure. I could go into a long, drawn-out rant about it, but...*grin* To make a long story short, I've found another favorite villain. He rocks.

Oh, and I'm INCREDIBLY UNSPEAKABLY sorry about not posting the Prologue. >.> I don't remember why I didn't and was under the impression that I had, but...I guess I didn't/forgot. Anyway, I'll try and post it tomorrow. I need to start on the first chapter as well. I already have a plan in my head for it, but we'll see how it pans out.

Peace and love to you all. If you live where I do, rejoice for SCHOOL IS OVAH!!! (for two months)

=: 16 April

EDIT: Holy crap, it saved over it! All of that data, gone...I'm going to kill someone now.

Welcome to the V.3 layout! Well...actually, it's 3.1, to be honest...the first V.3 that I made had Yami no Mariku on it, but...the more I looked at the layout, the less I liked it. So I scrapped it and created this beauty of a layout. I really do love it. <3

Anyway, be patient as I update the pages. Also note that two of the pages are now gone. I got rid of the "Other" page since I didn't really update it that often...and the "Junk" page. I really struggled with keeping or tossing this page, but I really didn't update it that often...and I felt that if this is supposed to be an art site, everything on it, in a way or another, should be something I'm proud of. (That being said, I might post a doodle or something on the front page.)

I'm still working on the novel, I promise! I need to start the first chapter, but the prologue is done. It's tough right now since we only had two weeks to prepare our newspaper this month, so I've been trying to finish all of that. Come May or June...hopefully Chapter One will be available. I'd also kinda like to choose a title for it. xD

Peace and love to you all. Enjoy the rest of April. (I know I won't. It's freaking cold here. IN APRIL.)

Kaitou Art is Cecil.